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Forex Impact is the training arm of Sharptrade Partners LLC, a currency trading and research firm in Austin, TX.

We offer:

Proprietary Forex signal services
Home-study training courses
Intermediate and advanced currency trading coaching and consulting
Automated trading using our custom platform
LIVE workshops and events

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FX Impact's Products and Services

Home Study Course: Forex Impact

Three Trading Systems in One Package!

Most Forex home-study courses either teach only the basics (which you could get for free on at least 1000 sites on the Internet), or they try to sell theory and package it as a SYSTEM.

Not Forex Impact.

System developer, Jason Fielder, walks you through his entire process and shows you REAL DATA to back his claims. So if you want to discover:

  1. How to anticipate major swings in specific currency pairs sometimes DAYS before they even occur...

  2. How to trade only once a week and still pull MASSIVE gains out of the market...

  3. How to use news events and other fundamentals to predict (and profit from) huge swings in currency values...

....then you need to check out Forex Impact.

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Signal Alert Service : Forex Profit Alert

Look over the shoulder of a winning Forex Trader!

Find out what he's trading, when he's getting in and when he's getting out. If you're looking for the ultimate short-cut to trading success - this is it!

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